Teaching resource Plant Adaptations07:41

Teaching resource Plant Adaptations

An adaptation is when a plant or animal changes something about itself to insure survival. Animals and plants have been adapting for the last 1000 years. Each adaptation is done in the best interest of the animal or plant. These adaptations can then be passed to insure the sustainability of the species. Some example of adaptations: Lizards and some other amphibians have developed tails that can come off and regrow easily to avoid be captured by predators. Once they lose their tails it continues to twitch so that the predator is distracted while the animal can get away. Non toxic butterflies have adapted color and patterns similar to those of the toxic ones to avoid being eaten. Bats have developed echolocation in order to hunt and live in the dark. These are just a few examples of many animal adaptations. The common theme in adaptations is that animals adapt to avoid predators.Respond

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