What is Biomimicry?02:03

What is Biomimicry?

Biomimicry is the use of patterns found in nature, or characteristics of the natural world, in human inventions.

What is Biomimicry?Edit

According to The Biomimicry Institute: "a new discipline that studies nature's best ideas and then imitates these designs and processes to solve human problems" (retrieved from:

Nature has developed some amazing adaptations, and humans have been

Photo retrieved from:

drawing inspiration from nature for centuries. One of the most notable examples of biomimicry is Velcro, inspired by the burdock burr (retrieved from:

More examples of biomimicryEdit

Whale fin -> wind turbine.
Whale fin

photo retrieved from:

Shark skin -> racincg swim suit:

For more amazing examples of biomimicry, visit these pages:

Learn more!Edit

The Smithsonian offers a well-written article about biomimicry:

Janine Benyus, the president of the Biomimicry Institute, featured in the video above, presented a TED talk about Biomimicry, which can be found here:

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