Evolution Caves Extreme Conditions for Life04:42

Evolution Caves Extreme Conditions for Life


" 'Extremophiles' are microorganisms with the ability to thrive in extreme environments such as hydrothermal vents.
Since they live in 'extreme environments' (under high pressure and temperature), they can tell us under which range of conditions life is possible (NOAA, 2013). In addition to living deep in the ocean, they can also survive deep underground and in the harsh polar climates (Roach, 2001).It is interesting to note that these organisms are only considered extreme from a human perspective because we could not survive in the conditions in which they thrive (NOAA, 2013).

Links for more information:Edit

NOAA: What is an extremophile

The Lives of Extremophiles: NOVA

Scientist Journeys Into Caves for Clues to Extreme LifeEdit

Extremophiles - weird animals - We Are The Aliens - BBC Space03:34

Extremophiles - weird animals - We Are The Aliens - BBC Space

Extremophiles Bioprospecting for Antimicrobials


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Photo credit: NSF (National Science Foundation).

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