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The Geological Timescale

Geologic time scale

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Geologic Time Scale Edit

In 1699, Nicolaus Steno studied geologic principals and stated that sedimentary rock was laid down in a horizontal manner with younger rocks on top of the older rocks.  

First geologic map of England was produced by William Smith in 1815.  His contribution consisted of the basis that fossils were found in rocks in a very definitive order (see Index Fossils).  This led others to identify fossils in a relative time scale.  This time scale is divide up in portions based on hierarchy:  Eons, Eras, Periods, Epochs, and Ages

Kutschera, U., & Niklas, K. J. (2004). The modern theory of biological evolution: an expanded synthesis. Naturwissenschaften, 91(6), 255-276.

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