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Hominid evolution & development - The Discovery


Evolution in brain size over time.

Biological and cultural adaptations that together enhanced survival and reproduction in changing environments caused evolution in hominids. There were several major events in hominid evolution including: increased meat eating, cooking of food, controlled use of fire, milking of cattle, among others (Arjamaa & Vuorisalo, 2010). These events caused evolutionary changes in hominids from a gene-culture perspective. Increased eating of meats helped to provide more fatty acids, which would help hominid brain evolution.

Arjamaa, O and Vuorisalo, T. 2010. Gene-culture co-evolution and human diet. American Scientist 98: 140 – 147. 

Bigger Brains: Complex Brains for a Complex WorldEdit

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History has a great website for information on hominid brain evolution.  Here you can visit the many discoveries such as: why brain size is increasing, what is causing brain size to increase, or the benefits of a larger brain.  Visit the website to learn more:
Changes Climate Braincase Volume KC

This picture shows how brain size increase as the climate fluctuates.

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