Galapagos the finches (4 7)02:10

Galapagos the finches (4 7)


Speciation: noun 1. the formation of a new and distinct species in the course of evolution

What does Speciation mean?Edit

Speciation is the subdivision of a population in which one species becomes two or more speciesEdit

4 Types of Speciation:Edit

1. Allopatric is when species separate ue to isolation 2. Peripatric is when a small population breaks off from the larger population

3. In Parapatric the population is spread over a large geographic area but separated by differences within those environments,

4. Artificial is when new species are created by humans

There is also a fifth type of speciation called Sypatric Speciation but it is considered controversal in the scientific community. It is said that spontaneous speciation occurs within a large population with no physical barriers and all members are in a close proximity to one another.

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