Tangled Bank by Haeckel (circa 1904) Image Credit:

Beth (Mary) Morgan-Peter

As an English teacher, I am really struggling with ALL of the terms. However, I am finding discussion and this site helpful. I have also been bothering the science teachers in the lounge during lunch; one discussion resulted in the idea of a tangled bank. I thought this variety was perfect for our discussion of natural selection as it is the diverse result.

Darwin's DescriptionEdit

The Origin of the Species by discussing the variety that results from complex mixture of reproduction, inheritance, adaptation, fitness, and natural selection. Of natural selection, he says that we get the "divergence of character and the extinction of less-improved forms" (Darwin). He concludes with this description of the "entagled bank" to value the variety that comes from these complex systems and changes over time.

Ghiselin's HypothesisEdit

In 1974, Ghiselin theorized that organisms that reproduce sexually will have greater survivability in a complex system because they are more variable and able to exist in systems with many characteristics. See

A Poetic VersionEdit

I always appreciate another representation of difficult concepts, so here is the phrase in a poem: Darwin's original text is also on this page.

Darwinian Grandeur A Biologists Journey Through Evolutions Tangled Bank,-138067268601:07:27

Darwinian Grandeur A Biologists Journey Through Evolutions Tangled Bank,-1380672686

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